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  • This is for you girl! 2Rude4UTube


  • Drunk Student Falls off Balcony Wild & Crazy


    In a small town, two university students celebrate the end of finals on a 2nd floor balcony. Looking at his perfect grades, one of them feels as if he has supernatural abilities. The self-taught stunt...

  • Salvation Suicide Wild & Crazy


    As youre about to see, the St. Petersburg rescue rangers arrived one early evening right as a suicide victim was about to jump from the 6th floor. Will they be able to save him?

  • An incredible last minute rescue from a ... Wild & Crazy


    Catastrophic events during a recent New Years Eve in Yekaterinburg. There would be precious little celebrating this evening for the citys firemen. Despite their best efforts, a spectacular electrica...

  • Suicide Wild & Crazy


    A drunken man, hanging from a balcony, was threatening to jump. Rescuers arrive on the scene at just about the same time he decides to take the big, well, medium sized, leap.

  • Man shot at passers-by with a slingshot Wild & Crazy


    This young man from Minsk dreams about being Robin Hood. Instead of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, though, hes pretty much just a punk in a balcony trying to hit innocent people with h...

  • A fire in a highrise apartment house Wild & Crazy


    In a tall, non-descript Moscow apartment building, a fire breaks out on the 14th floor. Trying to escape the fire, the owner of the flat fled to the balcony. Hed rushed to the stairwell first but roa...

  • Hot-blooded Romeo Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a hot-blooded Romeo wanted to surprise his new sweetheart. So he had a few drinks, climbed to the roof of her twelve-story apartment building and then jumped down onto her balcony.

  • Head of a man between balcony railing Survival of The Dumbest


    This young Einstein was trying to flirt with some girls walking under his balcony. He pushed it a little too far and promptly got his head stuck in the balcony railing. Hes drunk almost a liter of vo...

  • Foot stuck in the window bars Survival of The Dumbest


    A young man called the Rescue Service and reported that hed somehow managed to get his foot stuck in a window railing. It happened when he was helping his friend climb up to a girls balcony.

  • Suicide of young man Wild & Crazy


    A young man has decided to commit suicide right in front of his mother. During the attempt, however, he changes his mind. See how he's literally scrambling to get back inside. Clawing at the window an...

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