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  • Sailor's Prank Fool's Village


    Sailor comes to visit, the table laid, and they are gone. Before the eyes appear sailor scene of murder. Sailor decided to eat and drink. As a result, the hosts were found on the roof and fell to her ...

  • Ski descent from the loft in the garden Wild & Crazy


    This not particularly extreme looking man has built a new kind of ski jump. His goes from the attic in the barn to the roof of the house and off onto the snow below. Were guessing the flags at half ...

  • Apartment burnt to ashes Wild & Crazy


    The third floor of this grim apartment building is on fire. Its owner sits on the bench below, perhaps contemplating all of his worldly possessions going up in flames. He goes up to the roof and tries...

  • A young man tries to commit suicide by j... Wild & Crazy


    In a town near Moscow, a young man is on the roof of a school building. He avoids a rescuer trying to engage him in a dialogue, and paces the edge, as if trying to work up the nerve to step off.

  • Vertiginous journey. Wild & Crazy


    Perhaps this St. Petersburg teenagers life just wasnt as wrought with danger and excitement as it couldve been. Well, using bicycle handlebars and some tape, hes hatched a brilliant scheme to fly ...

  • Dog on the roof Wild & Crazy


    A concerned neighbor saw the dog up there and came to his rescue. He got up to the roof and gingerly approached the dog. He was nervous that if he got frightened or spooked, the animal might slip and...

  • Firefighters got into a fiery trap on th... Wild & Crazy


    And speaking of fires, here one of Tumens most recognizable skyscrapers is ablaze. Eight firemen and one cameraman are on the roof of the building. The firemen are fighting the fire and the cameraman...

  • Unsuccessful jump parachutist Wild & Crazy


    Our friend here with the parachute has made hundreds, if not thousands of jumps. However, in all that time, hes never had a landing quite like this one. Hard to say what was going through his mind. W...

  • Off the roof of an apartment house Wild & Crazy


    A large Moscow apartment building is on fire. The building seems to be enveloped in flames as thick grey and black smoke issues from the roof.

  • Teen Jumps off Roof into Snow Wild & Crazy


    Theres a guy up on the roof and hes about to jump off of it into the supposedly soft fluffy new snow below. As far as his training? Well, let this be lesson #1! When we replay the tape, we can clear...

  • Suicide Wild & Crazy


    Yekaterinburg. A depressed young man was discovered sitting on the edge of a roof for about an hour. Despite rescuers best efforts, he stubbornly refuses to engage them in a dialogue and keeps his si...

  • Flight of the Batman on the roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Perhaps this St. Petersburg teenagers life just wasnt as wrought with danger and excitement as it couldve been. Well, for whatever reason, hes hatched a brilliant scheme to fly from one roof to an...

  • Suicide on a Roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Yekaterinburg. A young, clearly suicidal, man is sitting on the edge of a roof for a full hour. Keeping silent, he ignores rescuers pleas and arguments. He seems to have made his ultimate decision. B...

  • A record flood in Lensk Theory of Catastrophes


    In 2001, due to a particularly cold winter, the Lena River had frozen almost all the way through. The ice at some places reached 25 to 30 feet thick, which was almost twice the norm. On the night of...

  • Criminal Acts in Vladivostok Theory of Catastrophes


    On uneventful Spring morning, Vladivostok police get a tip that three men suspected in a brutal armed attack on local Chinese merchants are thought to be hiding in a nearby apartment building. Police ...

  • Hot-blooded Romeo Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a hot-blooded Romeo wanted to surprise his new sweetheart. So he had a few drinks, climbed to the roof of her twelve-story apartment building and then jumped down onto her balcony.

  • Drunk asleep on the roof roofer Survival of The Dumbest


    And heres something you dont see every day. Thats a guy hanging upside down from a roof. Asleep. Were thinking one of two things happened here. Either hes a really drunk roofer who just happened ...

  • A lucky owner of a brand-new car Wild & Crazy


    Here's a lucky owner of a brand-new car. One day, he parks his car near the office and goes off to work. About five minutes later, a huge chunk of snow falls from the roof. Nearly half a ton of snow j...

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