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  • Horse Flips Over Wild & Crazy


    A big New Years show in Moscow included a number of horses and riders. It nearly became one riders last performance! The shows going along fine until his horse takes a spectacular fall. Seemingly f...

  • An incredible circus stunt - almost! Wild & Crazy


    The acrobats always hope to stick the landing, but not this time. The gymnast lands, but fails to quite get his balance on the stilt. He falls down, his head hits the floor and he momentarily loses co...

  • Amateur stuntmen Wild & Crazy


    The young stuntmen trained by jumping off the roofs of garages & barns. And what he lacks in judgment, he more than makes up for in luck!

  • Tests show Natural Selection Wild & Crazy


    The show Natural Selection was the most expensive and unpredictable program on Russian TV. Participants were thrown into unexpected and dangerous situations. A large pyrotechnic charge destroys half t...

  • Freak Eats Glass, Razorblades Wild & Crazy


    And what do you do? Im a doctor Im a lawyer I eat glass and razorblades and such. Oh thats nice! Ilya here has a rather, ah, unique diet as you can see. I dont recall glass being one of th...

  • Fall of an acrobat performing in a circu... Wild & Crazy


    Accidents happen just often enough in the circus to keep the really macabre audience members coming back again and again. The acrobat fails to land where she was supposed to. She falls and is caught b...

  • Flying in the sky on balloons Wild & Crazy


    There are 50 hydrogen cylinders in the body of this truck. A Moscow aviator believes he can fly - with the help of a whole bunch of little balloons filled with that hydrogen. One is wind speed. On the...

  • Freakish Russian Army Masochist Wild & Crazy


    If every member of the Russian army was this tough the world would all be speaking Russian by now! This yogi lets his comrade use his back as a dartboard. Thats the hanging dart shimmy hes doing the...

  • Horseback Riding and fall from horse Wild & Crazy


    And this next section is for the horsey set. It turns out that one of the most important things about horseback riding is: learning how to fall off. It's gonna happen sooner or later. Sooner, it seems...

  • Woman Nearly Hangs Self Bungee Jumping Wild & Crazy


    Now while this next footage wasnt technically shot in Russia, it was shot by Russian tourists on vacation at a Water World in Spain. A young woman jumps from the bungee platform. So far, alls well...

  • Toe of the avalanche on skier Wild & Crazy


    Searching for that elusive adrenaline rush, serious skiers & snowboarders head to high backcountry slopes - ungroomed, virgin snow that lies mostly above the tree-line. The skiing is amazing, but perh...

  • Tightrope walker Wild & Crazy


    The famous high-wire performer Adam Visitaev and his crew have trained for two years to set a new world record. They chose the dangerous Korodakh ravine for its rugged beauty and its immense height. H...

  • Fall from the monument Wild & Crazy


    A drunk ambulance driver decided to celebrate Victory Day his way by climbing this enormous Victory monument. But the metal monument is rather slippery. Going up is one thingclimbing down is - unfor...

  • Jump over Fire Wild & Crazy


    This young daredevil belongs to a group of extreme risk-takers called the Gloom Team. Here hes pouring a flammable liquid over his clothes. The liquid has worked too well and hes now basically on ...

  • A horrible rockclimbing accident Wild & Crazy


    Their worst fears are realized when all of a sudden, the young man loses his grip. Its pretty clear what happens next. The odds of anyone surviving such a rocky fall are virtually zero and sadly he d...

  • One unlucky weight lifter Wild & Crazy


    This Weightlifter is attempting to lift 180 kilograms, or nearly 400 pounds. And while it looks horrific, he actually escaped with no serious injuries, despite the fact that the bar appears to land ri...

  • When circus stunts go wrong Wild & Crazy


    Here we have a troupe of circus performers about to practice a difficult stunt before attempting it in front of a live audience. Two performers arrive on stilts and go to take their marks. Their fello...

  • Drunk man falls from the tank Wild & Crazy


    Here, a young man has a plan. What that plan is is anybodys guess, but we think it has something to do with impressing his girlfriend. Unfortunately, a belly full of vodka and some slippery hands ar...

  • The whole truth about the crocodile bite The Most Shocking Videos-1


    The following happened during a performance on a crocodile farm in Thailand. At first this show went according to the script. The trainer lifted a crocodile and carried it around in a circle. Then sev...

  • Desperate guys from Angarsk The Most Shocking Videos-1


    These daredevil guys from Angarsk call their team The Drink Riders. Each winter they take skis and snowboards and perform stunts few self-respecting professional freestylers would dare to repeat. Desp...

  • Scary incident in an aquatic park The Most Shocking Videos-1


    This regrettable episode happened in a Water park in Spain. A routine bungee jump nearly turned out to be this womans last. During the bounce, the elastic cord mysteriously wound around her neck and ...

  • Hot-blooded Romeo Survival of The Dumbest


    Here a hot-blooded Romeo wanted to surprise his new sweetheart. So he had a few drinks, climbed to the roof of her twelve-story apartment building and then jumped down onto her balcony.

  • Drunk asleep on the roof roofer Survival of The Dumbest


    And heres something you dont see every day. Thats a guy hanging upside down from a roof. Asleep. Were thinking one of two things happened here. Either hes a really drunk roofer who just happened ...

  • What people will do to avoid paying the ... Wild & Crazy


    It's amazing what people will do to avoid paying the fare. After getting heavily intoxicated, this guy climbed up on the trolleybus ladder. Such stunts are extremely risky, especially when you're eigh...

  • The 3rd International BASE Jumping Festi... Wild & Crazy


    This incredible accident took place in 2004 at the 3rd International BASE Jumping Festival in Moscow. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth where participants jump off fixed structu...

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