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  • Kitten Trapped In Wall Wild & Crazy


    This Moscow woman called the rescue team in to save her tiny kitten who had - somehow - gotten into the wall in her apartment and had gotten stuck there. She can hear him mewling.

  • Woman stuck in a bench Wild & Crazy


    So he had his fingers stuck. This bedraggled woman, on the other hand, has somehow managed to get her whole body stuck.

  • Dog on the roof Wild & Crazy


    A concerned neighbor saw the dog up there and came to his rescue. He got up to the roof and gingerly approached the dog. He was nervous that if he got frightened or spooked, the animal might slip and...

  • Daring rescues Wild & Crazy


    Residents of the building discover an unhinged neighbor screaming out of his window that hes going to kill himself. They call for help and a team of firemen arrives almost immediately, and begins rai...

  • Ski Lift Accident Wild & Crazy


    This unlikely incident took place at a ski resort in the Caucasus. An unlucky woman got her parka caught on the chairlift and found herself hanging helplessly about ten or fifteen feet above the groun...

  • Dog stuck under concrete slabs Wild & Crazy


    This stray dog has spent two days stuck under these heavy concrete slabs. How he got in there is a bit of a mystery but the fact is hes dehydrated and clearly too weak to get out on his own.

  • The crash Wild & Crazy


    The driver was now stuck in a burning car. The rescue team isnt having any luck putting the fire out, so theyve got to get him out of there before its too late!

  • Kitten in Washer Wild & Crazy


    Apparently, the washing machine held a special allure for this little critter. Somehow, he climbed into the machine, squeezed his head through an impossibly tiny hole and promptly got stuck.

  • Horse failed to hatch Wild & Crazy


    In Yekaterinburg, horseback riding is a favorite New Years Eve tradition. Here its nearly midnight, and there are just moments to go before the New Year begins. Thats when an incredible and - highl...

  • Suicide on a Roof The Most Shocking Videos-1


    Yekaterinburg. A young, clearly suicidal, man is sitting on the edge of a roof for a full hour. Keeping silent, he ignores rescuers pleas and arguments. He seems to have made his ultimate decision. B...

  • A fire in Ostankino TV tower The Most Shocking Videos-2


    27 August 2000. At 15:08 in the control center if the Metropolitan Fire Service a message arrives about a fire in the antenna part of the Ostankino TV tower. 10 minutes later the firemen are on the sc...

  • Norwegian ship caught in a storm The Most Shocking Videos-2


    The Norwegian fishing vessel Kadima was hit by an 8 magnitude storm in the Atlantic Ocean and did not survive. Water quickly started to fill up the holds, and the ship quickly started to sink, giving ...

  • Building explosions on Guryanov Street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. September 8, at 00:10 a.m. the duty officer at EMERCOM received information about an explosion and fire in a residential building ...

  • Building explosions on Kashirke street The Most Shocking Videos-2


    In September 1999, in Moscow there were a number of horrific attacks. An explosion of building Number 6/3 on Kashira Highway on September 13, at 5 a.m. in the morning. This time no one doubted that th...

  • Explosions in the Moscow Metro Theory of Catastrophes


    Moscow. Its August 8th, 2000, Rush hour, about two minutes to 6, in the crowded underground crossing of the Pushkinskaya subway station. Its packed with people on their way home from work when disa...

  • Fire in Ostankino Tower in Moscow Theory of Catastrophes


    Backtrack 8 years earlier to August of 2000 and another landmark Moscow fire. Overheated cables catch fire in the antenna section of the Ostankino (ah-STAN-keeno) TV tower, which, at 1772 feet, is the...

  • Girl stuck in the attic between the bars Survival of The Dumbest


    So the girls decided to bring up a picnic feast on the attic landing of an apartment building. And if you know your Winnie the Pooh, youll know what happened next! These slim girls managed to eat and...

  • A man stuck in a ventilation shaft Wild & Crazy


    At midnight one night the inhabitants of a Moscow apartment building were woken up by strange sounds. A rescue team was trying to remove a man stuck in a ventilation shaft. The rescuers took several b...

  • The woman found a great place to attract... Wild & Crazy


    The woman found a great place to attract attention: a bridge right across from The Kremlin in Moscow. It seems the woman demanded, loudly, that the president of Russia give her a new apartment, or she...

  • A horse falls into a ditch Wild & Crazy


    Large animals often fall into gaps in the road, open sewers, and wells.Such was the case here. A horse falls into a ditch and can't get out. The girl who owns the horse starts calling for help. Virtu...

  • General cleaning Wild & Crazy


    This elderly woman never imagined she'd find herself in such a, let's say, 'delicate' situation. Her story began innocently enough: she decided to clean her toilet. Here's where it gets weird. The j...

  • The head in a video-game Wild & Crazy


    The inquisitive teen had decided to look into the cashier's slot to see what was inside, or perhaps to see if he could grab some money. Well his head just squeezed through, but when he tried to pull i...

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